About Us

Who are we?

TalkRemit is a low-cost international money transfer service that combines online remittance with instant social chat. The company was founded in 2016 by Saeed Dualeh, a highly-experienced global money transfer professional who wanted to provide people with a better solution for sending money to loved ones abroad.

The ability to send money to family and friends worldwide has been around for many years, but it was previously an expensive and inconvenient process. Senders had to stand in lengthy bank queues and incur high charges, whilst recipients waited days for their money to arrive.

The idea behind TalkRemit was born! We wanted to give people a money transfer service with a difference; a fast and affordable online platform for sending money overseas and a mobile app with both global remittance and instant chat capabilities. So, we created an all-in-one platform for people living and working abroad to send money back home, hassle-free, with free chat and video messaging features to let recipients know their money is on its way.

TalkRemit is a fully-licensed financial institution, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), enabling UK users to send money across the globe.

What does TalkRemit do?

TalkRemit is an online money transfer platform for desktop and mobile devices (available on iOS and Android) that lets users transfer money abroad in minutes. Our free instant chat and video messaging features help you to stay connected with friends and family, all from our easy-to-use app.

Everyone has their own preferred method for sending and receiving money. TalkRemit offers the flexibility to suit your needs. Whether you want to send money to bank accounts, for cash pick-up or to and from a digital wallet, we give you the choice.


Bank deposits

Mobile payments


Trust and convenience are vital. Our platform is so easy to use and we give you a clear breakdown of your transactions – with no hidden fees! Our system uses industry-leading technology and security, ensuring data is transferred safely and personal details are protected. Your money transfers are in safe hands with TalkRemit. We even offer a 100% money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

How does TalkRemit’s money transfer service work?

Once you’ve chosen the country you’re sending money to and the payout method, it’s a simple 3-step process to complete a transaction:

1. Enter the amount you want to send
2. Select your recipient
3. Review, confirm & send

TalkRemit’s values

TalkRemit has 5 core brand values, which represent who we are, what we do and how we want people to act. Each member of the TalkRemit team lives and breathes these values each day. We call our brand values PRIME, with each letter representing a value. These are:


These values run through the business, from internal communications through to customer service. This is what sets us apart from other traditional money transfer services.